Rules & Regulations


1. Use or sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

2. Smoking or vaping is prohibited.

3. Pets in any area of the town parks or athletic fields are prohibited (except for service animals).

4. Operation of any type of motorized vehicle is prohibited.

5. Parking is restricted to designated areas only.

6. Feeding of or annoyance to wildlife in any manner is prohibited.

7. Use of firearms, bows, arrows, or any dangerous weapons is prohibited.

8. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by person 16 years old or older.

9. Glass containers and balloons of any kind are prohibited.

10. Camping is prohibited, unless prior approval obtained from Parks and Recreation Department.

11. Large play equipment, such as inflatables, amusement rides or other similar activities are prohibited. Any large fixtures brought into the park for private parties must meet prior approval of the Parks and Recreation Department.

12. Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards on pavilion, tennis courts or athletic fields are prohibited.

13. Use of soaps or detergents for shampooing or bathing are prohibited.

14. Floatable or inflatable objects, snorkels or masks in roped swim area (except for Coast Guard approved life vests/jackets) are prohibited.

15. Ball playing or Frisbee throwing on beach or in the designated swim area is prohibited.

16. Children who are not toilet trained must wear elastic legged rubber/plastic pants when in the water. Diapers should be appropriately disposed of when at any of the parks or athletic fields. Diapers are not biodegradable. Do NOT leave them at any park or athletic facilities.

17. Play on athletic fields is prohibited during wet or inclement weather or when posted.

18. Field closing for maintenance, weather, safety or other reasons deemed appropriate for the management and protection of the property shall be at the discretion of the Marlborough Parks and Recreation Department or Public Works Department.

19. All organized group play must have permission/permit from Marlborough Parks and Recreation Department prior to use.

20. Ice activities at your own risk.



1. Restricted to designated areas under control of lifeguard or park attendant.

2. All propane containers must be appropriately labeled and meet fire safety guidelines.


1. Reservations are required from May 1st – November 1st. Groups of 20 or more must reserve with the Parks and Recreation Department.

2. Pavilion reservation applications must be completed and turned in to the Parks and Recreation Director at least 5 days in advance, and will be accepted first come, first serve basis.

3. A fee will be charged for pavilion reservations, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

4. Reservation holders have priority use of the pavilion.

5. Groups are responsible for their own clean-up. Trash must be bagged and taken out of the park.



1. One or more lifeguards will be on duty weekends from Memorial Day until the last day of school and daily thereafter

through Labor Day.

2. Lifeguard protection within roped off area only.

3. All decisions of lifeguards are final. Lifeguards have the authority to close the beach for safety at any time.


1. Parking sticker must be attached to windshield. Town stickers can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office or P&R. Dept.

2. Absolutely no parking at boat launching area. Residents who wish to fish or boat may park in Lake Road parking lot.

3. Only maintenance and emergency vehicles are allowed within the Park.


1. No mooring of boats.

2. No operation of motors over 3.3 horsepower.

3. A boat registration is required on boats having electric or gas powered motors.

4. A DEEP Safe Boating Certificate and personal floatation devices are required for people who operate a motorized boat. 5. For boaters guide laws & requirements visit DEEP website.

6. Kayak rack information is available on the parks and recreation website.

Revised October 2022

Beach Closing Policy Due To Rain

By CT health regulations, public town beaches are closed for 24 hours after 1 or more inches of rain in a 24 hour period.